Cooking & baking classes


Who doesn’t love gaining new skills and where better than in the kitchen. We hold weeknight Adults COOKING classes and BAKING workshops. We hold weeknight classes for foodies of all different skill levels. If you simply want to learn how to decorate cupcakes, how to cook Italian, bake French macaroons or simply want some fresh inspiration….. We do it all. What’s cooking when?

Domestic cooking courses


We love teaching domestic assistants new cooking skills. Why not send them to us for our BASIC COOKING CLASS, 1 morning a week and we will make sure that they leave with an apron certificate and whole new set of skills to help feed your family fresh tasting and delicious home-made meals without all the calories. We teach them the basics of kitchen hygiene and food safety to easy entertaining, so that when you have guests over, the food is made and the table set. Find out when our next course is….

Private events


Tired of doing the same thing year in and out for your birthday? No matter your skills level, why not book your next birthday or kitchen tea with us. You will have so much fun! From couples cooking, cake decorating to MasterChef Challenges we will have you and your guests laughing as you prepare the most delicious food.

We offer:

  Birthday Party Dinner Demo’s: We cook while you learn (eat) and test new dishes with us. We share an evening’s worth of tried and tested recipes, while you enjoy the meal at our large dinner table.
  Birthday Party Cook Off: Book a fun evening out, cooking and tasting new dishes… Come and mess up our kitchen, preparing a delicious dinner with a bunch of your favourite friends.
  Kitchen Tea’s: Tired of the same old kitchen teas, come bake, create and decorate while you and your ladies sip back on pink sparkling wine while baking up a storm. Everyone gets to play, eat and laugh… such fun.
  Team Building: We offer team building with a difference, bring your staff to The Taste Bud Cooking Studio. We will get everyone working together out of their comfort zone but most all we will make sure that you all get to enjoy a real tasty meal after your hard work is done.